Chow Some Ritlain and Relax Guy, It’s Just a F@#king Blog

This a new thread, ill have Chris post a link to the old thread, so you know whats-up.

So here it goes, this will be your blogging etiquette and general discussion of blogging from people who know more than you….just kidding….


This from a man who is learning what the difference between a fracking post and a comment is by being ridiculed and made fun of by his friends, this could b a run on sentence but i don’t give two hoots.

Its funny really we all go through English class and learn about verbs and conjectures and shit like that, but when we get online and talk to our friend its like LMAO and ROFLing basically the least possible words to get your point across. Then there is blogging, and from what I’ve found –in the two or so blogs I’ve done– is its like some sort of chat room with an English teacher sitting in corner making funny noises when you use bad grammar.

Or maybe its like going to a wine tasting event and talking about football or scratching your nuts.

People are just too sensitive. Yah yah its your inner most thoughts and your really care and shit. but really does it hurt your feeling when someone disagrees with you.  Do you have to insult there spelling or sentence structure because they hit a nerve.

Well i guess have all your thoughts on this later I suppose, that being nature of a blog and all. Though sometimes your thought are best kept to ones-self. Robin, the answer is yes, I have now missed playing some wicked video games where i shoot as many people as possible, to make this blog so there better be some wicked comments later.

Screw the Captain America Shield on Iron Man, I Found Pabst Blue Ribbon

People quite often go ga-ga for shit they see in the background of movies. You know, things that foretell future movies or subtle story lines. Lately people have been talking about Captain America’s shield on Iron Man. I love seeing those little subtleties, and being able to scream out “I watch the movie good”

Well today I say screw all that.

I saw the Indiana Jones movie the other day, and one awesome highlight for me was the fact that in the diner scene the people in the background were drinking none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon. Pabst is one of those understated cheap beers that is pretty awesome. Normally it comes in a can, and is really tough to find in a bottle(I’ve never seen it before). There it was, the Pabst Blue Ribbon bottle sitting on the table. To me that was the star of the movie.

So next time you head to the Cold Beer and Wine store buy a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and give it a try. The label looks to me like a kitty litter logo, but it still is worth every penny.

Spears VS. Aguilera

As a follow-up to The White’s post about the Louisiana clusterfuck known as Britney Spears, I would like to point out the role reversal that has taken place between her and Christina Aguilera.

Aguilera, at one time, was the poor man’s spanker. Spears was cute, had an innocence about her and seemed to have much more talent. Aguilera looked as though she tasted of mouldy SPAM.

Even the media favoured Spears over Aguilera. At the MTV awards when Spears and Madonna shared an on-stage kiss, the cameras cut away when it was Aguilera’s turn.

Now Aguilera’s back, married, had a kid and is sporting a pair of milk filled, E-cup sweater puppies. Suddenly, even Ellen has fallen under the spell of Aguilera (and by spell, I mean staring at her tits). All things return and are triumphant in the end.

What is the point in this post. Three simple words. Tiffany sex tape. Let’s get this shit going!

Britney Spears is Singing ‘Click Me Baby One More Time’

My personal favourite word to describe Britney Spears is: Disaster. I still enjoy watching her fall apart and then pull her life together over and over again. Seriously who doesn’t love a gripping game of snakes and ladders.

But despite being a disaster, she still holds a small piece of me. She used to be hot right, maybe she can do it again. I mean seriously who hasn’t pulled out the ‘snake’ while watching her in the ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ Video or enjoying those monster nipples during her performance at the 1999 Kid’s Choice Awards… of course those days are gone.
Luckily I am not here to ramble on about past episodes of ‘Masturbatory Theatre.’

No, I am here to chat about the current train wreck that is Britney Spears. Now this is something that you will not on any of the gossip shows because the average person does not understand or care about what I am going to mention. I personally believe that Britney Spears in some huge financial trouble. So why do I think this? Well I have 2 words that will sum up my reasonings. Most people in the blogging and internet marketing world may understand my theory, but some of you may need and explanation. The 2 words that accurately describe and predict the financial downfall of Britney Spears is…

Google Adsense

For those of you that do not know what Google Adsense is, it is (in short) an advertising system created by Google that allows people with a blog or website to place a bit of code within their website, and Google will place ads on your website or blog. When someone comes to your site and clicks on an ad, you get paid.

If you head to the Britney Spears Official website and scroll to the bottom of the page you will find a Google Adsense block.

britney spears pic

Not so funny right?

Here is why the seasoned bloggers and webmasters are laughing now. Generally (and I hate to make generalizations but…) Google Adsense pays just pennies per ad click. For some sites that have certain keywords targeted you will get paid a decent amount of money, but for the most part, your just getting pennies per click.

So to me it seems that Britney is going really broke because she has just crossed over to the internet equivalent of begging for change on the streets. It’s really sad but I guess she needs all the help she can get, so why not head over to her site and toss a few pennies her way.

But before you go why not watch the music video for ‘Hit me Baby One More Time’ and think of me: