Go For the Eyes Boo – Go for the Eyes!

Quite often I dream of the really old school games.  I bust out the old NES, pop in Zelda and then have the damnedest time trying to find the Level 1 dungeon.  I get nostalgic for the old PC game Curse of the Azure bonds or even Hillsfar, but one of the classics was always Baldur’s Gate.

I really think what made this game so rad was the characters and their quotes.  I know that among my friends Minsc was everyone’s favourite character.  He had the best quotes out of everyone.  Even after years of no longer playing the game at least once a month in one of our gaming sessions someone calls out “Go for the eyes Boo!” (at 0:30 in the video below)

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozv1RcQJAHA#t00m30s”]

I also seem to recall that Khalid reminded me a bit of C3P0 but was not able to find an audio clip of his quotes like I did for Minsc. In my searching I did get a bit distracted and came across a listing Amazon.com for a Super Pack of the Baldur’s Gate games plus a ton of other classics for only $19. Turns out it was just released a few days ago (Nov 15th 2011) worth getting disctracted for, but…

If anyone can find an audio clip of Khalid’s quotes please share the link!