Mega Man 2 for the iPhone is a Real Bitch

Mega Man 2 for the iPhone Screenshot

Ever since I purchased my iPhone I dreamed of jailbreaking it so that I could play some good old NES games. I can’t bring myself to do it though, I dread that something would go wrong and then my warranty would be void…

Every once in a while I do a search through the App Store dreaming that someone has ported a copy of the Legend of Zelda, or some other old School NES game to the iPhone. My dreams always take me to the same place: Mega Man 2.

Mega Man 2 for the iPhone makes me angry.

I have deleted the free version of this game from my iPhone so many times. I keep hoping that it will get better and fulfill my nostalgic dreams. The issue I keep having has to do with the controls. If you read the reviews in the App Store you will see a mix of people that either love it, or hate it (for the controls).

I think the main problem is that most people that would download the app are only used to playing Mega Man 2 on the Brick controller, and not on the iPhone.

It’s the combination of not having the tactile response and f@cking with nostalgia.

That is the problem. It’s not that the controls are bad, it’s that we remember a classic game in a specific way. The iPhone is similar in size to the Brick, but it’s just not the same. I think once you get over this aspect it becomes a pretty solid game.

Today I downloaded the free version of this game again and played through with out the anger, without the thought that this version of Mega Man was messing with my childhood. I played through the demo version a few times and decided that it was great game.

Mega Man 2 for the iPhone costs (at the time of writing) $0.99 while the NES cart currently sells for around $13.00 on eBay. It may not be a proper replacement, but for a person looking for a bit of nostalgia on the iPhone, I think a dollar is a great price for what it is.

The Mega Man iPhone Challenge

For those of you that have an iPhone,  download the free version of Mega Man 2 and play through the WoodMan level. Let me know if I am right or wrong.