Wanted: I’m Still Not Sure What My Thoughts Are…

wanted angelina jolie naked

My first thoughts were: Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman wouldn’t both make poor movie choices would they?

After the first 5 minutes of the film I had realized that I was trapped. I was stuck in a watching a movie that was going to be garbage. I’m not really a film snob, but sometimes I can be. Of course I have the ability to turn off the snob factor and enjoy a movie for what it is. Just entertainment.

So I decided to put away the fact that James McAvoys attempt at an american accent made it seem like he was a bad actor, and also the fact that the character of Welsey Gibson seemed to change his personality at the drop of a hat.

So again, step 1: Enjoy it as an action movie.

As soon as Angeline showed up on screen it was a bit of a relief. Ok someone is here to save this film. And for the next 10 minutes of action she did. I thought alright I came for an action movie and this is what I am getting.

And then the action went away and I was left with story. And I kept swearing to myself that I had heard this story before. So I just sat there waiting for the next action scene, which sadly came near the end of the movie.

I normally love bloody gory violence. I’m talking Scorsese style point blank bullets through the brain kind of violence. And this movie had that. But something about it was just off. I still do not know what it was, but I just did not enjoy the slow motion bullets through the head. And they used the slow motion ‘Matrix bullet time’ effect way too much.

The familiar story line still bugged me…until I actually figured out where they had ripped the story of from. For the average person it would be hard to notice the similarity, but as a super dork I saw it. I think as I spell it out here it will be obvious:

[spoiler alert]
1. Main character has no real family.
2. Main character meets someone who tells them that some evil person/organization has killed the father they never knew.
3. Main character has some special ability that is rarely found in people.
4. Main character must train and properly harness this power prior to confronting ‘this evil’ that has killed his father.
5. Main character realizes that the ‘evil’ entity/organization is actually his father.

Start guessing kids…

Top 5 Reasons You Know You Are a Dork

Over the past week, a few things occurred to me that made me realize just how much of a Dork I really am.  My first clue really should have been that I write on a blog titled Dork and Beans.  Now I am sure that everyone’s list will be different, and I encourage you to share what makes you a Dork, in the comments section below.

The White’s Top 5 Reasons You Know You Are a Dork.

5. You know the two uses for a d12 as listed in the D&D Player’s Handbook 3.0 (and you skimmed through the book to ensure that their are only two).

4. You constantly find dice underneath the cushions of your couch, and not just any dice, but polyhedron dice.

3. You find bits of broken light saber from a battle long past(and you even moved and yet you still somehow find pieces).

2. When you go to play a board game you find that the game no longer has any dice, as you raided it years earlier for the 12th level fireball.

1. You have been playing DnD every Sunday night with the same group of Dorks for the past 10 years.

So, what makes you a dork?  Leave a comment below and share what makes you a Dork!

D&D 4th Edition: Is It Worth Buying all New Dungeons and Dragons Books?

I’m going to be honest here. I haven’t really done that much research into the new 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Personally I thought that the leap to 3rd edition was awesome, despite the slap in the face of converting characters from 2nd edition to 3rd. OF course those characters are long gone. They didn’t last too long in 3.0.

My first thought about 4.0 was that it was just a cash grab by Wizards of the Coast. My only research in to 4th edition D&D was a conversation with a the guy that works at the comic store. He tried to explain to me that 4.0 would focus more so on miniatures and combat. So my first thought was:

‘great, more min maxing combat characters, and less actual character and roleplaying. They are turning D&D into World of Warcraft on paper’

The kid at the store talk my ear of for 2 hours (didn’t he have something to be doing, like helping customers?), and kept pronouncing ‘Blackguard’ as ‘Blaggard’ I really could not get out of there fast enough. This whole experience put a sour taste in my mouth (or maybe it was the Root Beer Banana Slurpee) made me think that their was no need to upgrade to Dungeons and Dragon 4th edition.

I found a site that specialized in providing info about 4th edition I spent some time on the site just reading through, and there definitely some interesting changes to 4.0. Of course I kept bouncing between reading the site and looking at my bookshelf chock full of 3.0 books. I’m not sure if I can justify rebuilding my collection of DnD books…I don’t think 4.0 is that awesome. I may pick up the Players Handbook and have a look at the changes.

The main benefit of this new Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition is that all of the 3.0 books will be super cheap as gamers start to unload their used 3.0 materials on Amazon.com. So for all you dorks that don’t want to invest in all new 4.0 books, just keep and eye on Amazon for some awesome deals on used books.

A lot of 3.0 D&D books are only around $20 for new, and even less for used. That’s a serious discount since talk of 4.0. On my next paycheque I plan on some major shopping. Check it out:

Start All the Illegal Downloading of Music

illegal musci downloading

I heard today that Radiohead’s old record label:Parlophone is releasing a best of album and it got me thinking about all this illegal downloading of music hoopla.

It seems that labels and bands are really battling to make money these days, and with the fact that illegal downloading of music is so prevalent the music industry has been really battling to keep their profits alive. The music industry is changing with the major availability of free music downloads online.

So I say: keep changing.

For the past few years I have been saying that bands are going to have to change the way they make money. I really don’t think they will be able to stop all of the illegal downloading of music, so they should just roll with it. Like most people I am an advocate of the prospect of free music. Lots of bands now are offering their singles and albums as free downloads, which is a major step in the right direction. Sure bands will loose a lot of profit from album sales, but they can surely make it up in other areas.

This trend of downloading music off of the internet will benefit the fans in the long run. If a band cannot make money from album sales any longer they will have to figure out a new way to monetize, or work harder at current avenues of income.

Such as touring.

This is my theory: If you want to see your favourite bands live, more often. You need to start downloadiong even more of their music. This loss in sales will force bands to tour more often to make up for the lost of album sales. Sure it’s a kick in the junk, but like I said earlier: the music industry is changing. It’s now time to head to a site like Mp3Rocket.com , sign up and start downloading.

Of course free music downloading can also help new bands. I was talking to Ryan McCullagh of The Paper Cranes today and he said that if it weren’t for free music downloads they would have much less of a fan base than they do now. To me free music means that more people will be introduced to bands, and with more fans, more tickets sales for when they tour. It makes sense to me.

I don’t think that this illegal downloading of music will have a negative impact on bands if they look at this situation from a different perspective. Business models change all the time, musicians will just have to deal with it