Dork and Beans: The First Epic Post

Well here it is: the first post at Dork and Beans.

For most of you this is nothing, wow another blog. But this is a huge step for a group of dorks. I am not going to ramble on about the humble beginnings of Dork and Beans, that is probably better left to someone that has writing ability.

The fact is: there is no real point to the Dork and Beans blog. It is just a group of dorks that write about whatever we feel like. I give you one warning though, we will get juvenile. If you hate dick and fart jokes, then maybe you should head back to the Martha Stewart blog.

Oh, and our language can be fucking awesome at times to!

At the time of writing the blog is no where near done yet. I have put up a theme, that will most likely get changed around a million times before we find something we like and eventually it will fall on me to design a unique look for the blog.

The first post of a blog is usually the most boring, so here I am getting it out of the way. The second post will be about as stellar as a kick in the junk…stay tuned.