Mega Man 2 for the iPhone is a Real Bitch

Mega Man 2 for the iPhone Screenshot

Ever since I purchased my iPhone I dreamed of jailbreaking it so that I could play some good old NES games. I can’t bring myself to do it though, I dread that something would go wrong and then my warranty would be void…

Every once in a while I do a search through the App Store dreaming that someone has ported a copy of the Legend of Zelda, or some other old School NES game to the iPhone. My dreams always take me to the same place: Mega Man 2.

Mega Man 2 for the iPhone makes me angry.

I have deleted the free version of this game from my iPhone so many times. I keep hoping that it will get better and fulfill my nostalgic dreams. The issue I keep having has to do with the controls. If you read the reviews in the App Store you will see a mix of people that either love it, or hate it (for the controls).

I think the main problem is that most people that would download the app are only used to playing Mega Man 2 on the Brick controller, and not on the iPhone.

It’s the combination of not having the tactile response and f@cking with nostalgia.

That is the problem. It’s not that the controls are bad, it’s that we remember a classic game in a specific way. The iPhone is similar in size to the Brick, but it’s just not the same. I think once you get over this aspect it becomes a pretty solid game.

Today I downloaded the free version of this game again and played through with out the anger, without the thought that this version of Mega Man was messing with my childhood. I played through the demo version a few times and decided that it was great game.

Mega Man 2 for the iPhone costs (at the time of writing) $0.99 while the NES cart currently sells for around $13.00 on eBay. It may not be a proper replacement, but for a person looking for a bit of nostalgia on the iPhone, I think a dollar is a great price for what it is.

The Mega Man iPhone Challenge

For those of you that have an iPhone,  download the free version of Mega Man 2 and play through the WoodMan level. Let me know if I am right or wrong.

Review for Haze on the PS3

haze ps3 game review

Well this is my first game review.

It’s on the game Haze for the PS3. As I have just started playing Metal Gear Solid 4 it will be slightly coloured by this. By the way MGS 4 review is next.

Haze has a great premise…hint this alludes to how i think of it.

The start of the game you are a mantel soldier part of the private army of the mantel corporation. The corporation gives their soldiers drugs so they like to kill and can be controlled this drug ….is supposed to… make you super human: run faster, hit harder, super heal, and see better (read enemies glow).

This sounds cool but in practice your sense of speed while moving does not seem boosted. Neither is the super strength helpful as it is hard for you to hit the enemies that are right in front of you. The healing, or tolerance to pain is not done well either. Yes you can take alot of bullets when you doped up but it doesn’t really register, you do get the now common red haze of damage, but it seems to be always there and you have no level of damage perception. They would have done better with a doped response like “yah baby give it too me’ or flares on the screen, or even surges of clarity when shot. Finally the super sight boils down to a high lighting off the bad guys which takes away from the graphics as all the enemies become big blobs of pinkish light. Fortunately or unfortunately this is only a small part of the begging of the game. Think about it, it is the premise of the game being in a haze of dope filled killing yet its not really impressed upon you. The best part of the first quarter of the game is when it starts to show you what really happening.

If you didn’t know I’m sorry but its not like they tried to keep it a secret.

You learn its all a lie and defect to the other side. The neat thing about this game is that here is where the play style changes. You go from lumbering tank, to agile guerrilla. You can: faint death, make dope bombs (so the enemies overdose), run faster–weird i thought that was what the dope was supposed to do– jump higher, and you get knifes for melee combat, which seem far cooler and easier to use then the doped up super strength.

So the game has a great premise and really gets close to almost hitting the mark.

The change up of the two kinds of play styles are cool. But the differences could have been more emphasized. The mantel dope fiends could have been a little more crazy and red necked. The guerrilla part more survivalist, out number out gunned. The story could have been better, emphasizing the evil of control and drugs.

As a fan of FPS i would say rent it and yes if press for time maybe skip it and hope for a copy or different version that’s better.