Lamen Science Fair 2008 !!

YAY SCIENCE !!So, the other day when I got backto the warehouse from delivering beer, I was confronted with a large somewhat human looking ape. It was amazing that it could even speak english. Even more amazing was that it actually had opposable thumbs. Crazy.

Anyhow, to get to the meat and potato part. It said this out of nowhere :

What the Fv<K does Al Gore Know about anything anyhow”   *scratch* *grunt*   “Global warming is a joke. It doesnt exist. What happends when you put an ice cube into water and let it melt ? The water stays the same fv<king level”.

I tried to reason with the ape for a short period of time, but it would apear it could only speak english, not understand it. Because I had more important things to do than argue the valid points of climate change with an ape, I went back to work. But the whole incident got me thinking…….

What do I actually KNOW about climate change, and global warming ? Very little. I hear about it all the time on the news, in newspapers, and in conversations with friends, and family. 99% of what I thought I knew, is pure speculation. I havent seen any proof of the ocean level rising. I have never been to either of the Poles to see for myself how the ice-caps are melting, and breaking away. Nor will I, most likely. I dont get more sun burnt now than I did as a child. Big cities, and industrial towns have always had a yellow stinky haze around them.

The one thing that I DO KNOW has changed, is the weather patterns. It seems to be going bizonkers all across the earth. Floods, snow storms, heat waves, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricaines, and all other extremes are actually becoming a pretty serious problem. Im not so sure the ocean level will rise significantly, or that the climate in general is going to get a lot warmer. As we get more heat, and the ice caps actually do start evaporating, it will just create more precipitation, more air currents for insane ‘tropical’ storms, and tidal currents for tsunamis and such. All of these things together will make summers hotter, spring wetter, winter colder, and snowy’r, and …. well, nobody likes fall anyways. Gotta go back to school. But the weather systems will get crazy. From one extreme to the other.

Thats just my oppinion.

Now for the lamen science fair :

I am going to check into this ocean level rising thing for myself. I have devised a grade 5 experiment involving miniature icebergs, that I will create myself, and a sealed tub. Im going to make the goofy cardboard backboard thing, with the hypothesis……. and all the other stuff. I’ll figure out what those are later. I will be making some little vids, and taking some pics of the entire thing. Its going to be fun.

Feel free to make your own science fair project, and document it for us all to see. Also any input you guys have would be good to know. Thanks.

More later.

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10 thoughts on “Lamen Science Fair 2008 !!”

  1. I hate talking monkies.

    What makes me angry about the people that say that a climate crisis is not happening is that usually they have about as much info to back it up as those of us that say there is one.

    My simple solution to the climate crisis is that we may as well act like there is one, and try to make a better environment for ourselves. Even if there is no crisis, but we continue to cut down on fuel consumption, carbon emissions we are still doing a good thing.

    If you do not believe there is a climate crisis happening now, start preparing, because it will happen eventually. I always think back the the Martix when Mr. Smith was telling Morpheus that humans were a plague for the earth. It’s so true.

    I personally believe that people can actually save money by making eco-friendly choices in life. I actually have been toying with the notion of starting a blog about all the things that I do to do my part for our planet.

    The point of this rant: NO matter what your thoughts on this topic is, you should consider your global impact in every thing you do.

    @The Duck: I look forward to your results

  2. I think what we do/don’t know about global warming and climate change has a lot to do with what we’re told by popular media. Which, of course, is governed by the powers that lead our country and will change due to the agenda they’re trying to push. And, although the internet has a wealth of information at our fingertips, the majority of information on this subject is technical and rather boring, not to mention contradictory.

    I agree with The White. If everyone just lived their lives as if climate change was a serious threat (which it very well may be) the world would be a better place for not only us, but future generations to come. As someone who is thinking about bringing children into this world in the future I have really started thinking about what kind of world I want to leave for them.

    Awhile back I went back home and was staying with my mom. I had finished a box of crackers or something and I asked her what she wanted me to do with the box as she didn’t have a specific area for recycling. She looked at me like I was stupid and told me to put it in the garbage! I was shocked and I asked her if she wanted her grandchildren to live in a world filled with garbage and unbreathable air. She laughed at me again. If she (just one person) actually recycled, think of how much less waste would end up in the landfill in one year. If I was a mathematical-minded sort of person I would probably come up with some sort of equation, however, I’m not that dorky. Sorry for the digression, but it kind of leads into where I was going. It’s not only climate change that’s the problem, it’s the fact that everyone takes our planet for granted. If every person did a little bit more for the earth tomorrow than they did today think about how huge of a change that would be (again, that equation would come in handy here).

    Anyway,sorry my comment turned into more of a rant than a comment on the post.

    So, back to the original post. At first I laughed at Scott’s experiment thing. But now I’m really interested in seeing the results of this. I’m going to have make sure he actually goes through with this, if not I might have to do it myself…

  3. PS. @The White

    If you do decide to start this other blog (maybe you could do it as a separate section on this blog) and you want a guest contributor (is that spelled right? It looks funny.) I’m on this natural living/healthy/spiritual kick right now.

  4. Damn you Dar, what sort of hippy love-in did you point me to? This is for me calling you a cougar all those times isn’t it?

    For my science project,

  5. @Tet: I think that video was more against protesters than trying to disprove that ‘concept’ of global warming. I personally think that protesting is just not as effective as it used to be. Marches and group protesting seems to only lead to people ridiculing that the issue that is being protested.

    Again, even if there is no climate crisis happening, why not act like there is one. It’s going to save you some cash in the long run.. Yes, that’s right, being environmentally friendly is a less expensive way of living.

  6. An effective way to conclude your science project presentation would be with a showing of Waterworld. There is no better illustration of the consequences of global warming than this movie. No one wants wants an aquatic world where we get pushed around by lame-ass sea pirates and Kevin Costner is the best that humanity has to offer.
    I think this would sway a lot of people to drive less and recycle more.

  7. Oh, you want something that takes some work? I’m up for that. One of the benefits of being an antisocial recluse is you pick up some things.

    My project will be “Sunspots Cause Global Warming, Not Us”
    Global temperatures have increased in the last 70 years. During this time sunspot activity has also increased.

    If the two are linked this would explain why Mar’s temperature has increased around the same amount as Earth’s causing its’ polar ice caps to melt and Jupiter’s storms to increase.

    This theory was generally written off as nonsense by whiny college professor “scientists” until just recently when the sun started a new solar cycle. Astrologers were expecting even more activity this cycle.
    They were wrong. REALLY wrong.
    Astrologers saw a grand total of zero sunspots for the year. During this time the Earth’s temperature dropped 0.7c, effectively undoing in one year all the warning signs of the past 30 years that got unemployed people with too much free time on their hands so vocal. Now I don’t pay too much attention to the news but I think I would have noticed the story “All Vehicles and Factories That Cause More Pollution Then a Prius Suddenly Explode, Scientists Baffled” to explain the cooling with the accepted logic.

    The last time there was little activity with sunspots was a period known as “Little Ice Age” in medieval times. Originally it was believed to be volcanic activity that caused it, but scientists are now questioning that.

    So far this year they have seen one sunspot, unlike the usually expected 7-8 for a cycle at this time. If the trend continues with lowering temperatures then the ogre was right, “Al Gore doesn’t know fuck all about anything anyhow”.

    Wow, that was pretty long winded for just a post. But anytime activists are proven wrong we all win.

  8. Um, if it was astrologers doing the research, I would pretty much disregard everything said immediately…

  9. @ Tet:
    Well….. there was no Ogre in my story. Just myself, and a talking ape. The point of my experiment is to see if the ocean level would significantly increase if the polar icecaps melt. Not to mention the fact that I was talking about ‘climate change’. Not just ‘global warming’. Could be from any reason, not just man made.

    Regardless, these are things we lamens (notice the title), dont really know about. Im going to look into the sunspot theory for myself. It sounds like as reasonable reason for climate change as pollution. There is also the possibility that the two of them combined could be dangerous. Thanks for the info.

    Btw, what was the project you wher talking about in the begining of your post ? I wanna see an experiment of some sort. And a hypothesis on the result of the experiment. Maybe try to melt a hole through a big snowball by shining a bright light through a large convex lense. Hmmm …… I might have to try that on my own.

    @ The White:
    I think you nailed that one dude. No matter the cause, I think being pro-active about our environmental future is the right way to go.

    @ Peaseapea:
    Word up. They cant even get my horoscope right.

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