Top 5 Reasons You Know You Are a Dork

Over the past week, a few things occurred to me that made me realize just how much of a Dork I really am.  My first clue really should have been that I write on a blog titled Dork and Beans.  Now I am sure that everyone’s list will be different, and I encourage you to share what makes you a Dork, in the comments section below.

The White’s Top 5 Reasons You Know You Are a Dork.

5. You know the two uses for a d12 as listed in the D&D Player’s Handbook 3.0 (and you skimmed through the book to ensure that their are only two).

4. You constantly find dice underneath the cushions of your couch, and not just any dice, but polyhedron dice.

3. You find bits of broken light saber from a battle long past(and you even moved and yet you still somehow find pieces).

2. When you go to play a board game you find that the game no longer has any dice, as you raided it years earlier for the 12th level fireball.

1. You have been playing DnD every Sunday night with the same group of Dorks for the past 10 years.

So, what makes you a dork?  Leave a comment below and share what makes you a Dork!

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons You Know You Are a Dork”

  1. 5. I find myself strangely curious about what those two reasons are. Though I believe one of them is Barbarian hitpoint die.

    4. I have occasionaly found MY dice underneath the cushions of your couch.

    3. I had a light saber ages past, where MY light saber got broken by one of the other members of this blog, who for now shall remain nameless. I might add that it was on the day we had a Star Wars marathon. Watched all of them in one day. Watched a crow attacking pedestrians. Good times.

    2. I have played all the PHB 3.5 classes, except for the bard, cuz everyone knows they are fucking useless. And I have also read all the big title novels of the Dragonlance, and Ravenloft campaign settings.

    1. I am in the process of writing a song about Lord Strahd Von Zarovich, that the Powers of Awesome will one day perform.

  2. 00000101. When another mom mentioned making another “batch” and you didn’t know she was referring to baking cookies.
    00000100. You read your child encyclopedias as bed time stories.
    00000011. You have an action figure of Data sitting on your monitor.
    00000010. Your first celebrity crush was Spock.
    00000001. When a guy talks technical to you, you think he’s flirting. (“techie talk” is a real sexual turn-on)

  3. @app: don’t forget that you make lists in binary. That’s a good one too.

    Action figures that is a good indicator. I don’t have any on my desk as I require a clear work space. I do however have way too many to name on my book shelf behind me.

    The other day at work as I was walking down the stairs I heard the distinctive patter-patter of dice rolling. I found at the bottom of the stairs a d10. It must have come off me some how, but I don’t keep any dice on me(maybe I should). This die must have fallen from the sky.

    You know you are a dork when God is throwing dice at you!

  4. I might beat that. I actually used D&D 3.5 rules to analyze who would win in a fight between Skeletor and Mum-Ra.

  5. I believe it’s the damage for a bastard sword and the HP for a barbarian…the bastard sword I may be off on but I’m fairly sure it’s some large weapon.

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