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Wanted: I’m Still Not Sure What My Thoughts Are…

wanted angelina jolie naked

My first thoughts were: Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman wouldn’t both make poor movie choices would they?

After the first 5 minutes of the film I had realized that I was trapped. I was stuck in a watching a movie that was going to be garbage. I’m not really a film snob, but sometimes I can be. Of course I have the ability to turn off the snob factor and enjoy a movie for what it is. Just entertainment.

So I decided to put away the fact that James McAvoys attempt at an american accent made it seem like he was a bad actor, and also the fact that the character of Welsey Gibson seemed to change his personality at the drop of a hat.

So again, step 1: Enjoy it as an action movie.

As soon as Angeline showed up on screen it was a bit of a relief. Ok someone is here to save this film. And for the next 10 minutes of action she did. I thought alright I came for an action movie and this is what I am getting.

And then the action went away and I was left with story. And I kept swearing to myself that I had heard this story before. So I just sat there waiting for the next action scene, which sadly came near the end of the movie.

I normally love bloody gory violence. I’m talking Scorsese style point blank bullets through the brain kind of violence. And this movie had that. But something about it was just off. I still do not know what it was, but I just did not enjoy the slow motion bullets through the head. And they used the slow motion ‘Matrix bullet time’ effect way too much.

The familiar story line still bugged me…until I actually figured out where they had ripped the story of from. For the average person it would be hard to notice the similarity, but as a super dork I saw it. I think as I spell it out here it will be obvious:

[spoiler alert]
1. Main character has no real family.
2. Main character meets someone who tells them that some evil person/organization has killed the father they never knew.
3. Main character has some special ability that is rarely found in people.
4. Main character must train and properly harness this power prior to confronting ‘this evil’ that has killed his father.
5. Main character realizes that the ‘evil’ entity/organization is actually his father.

Start guessing kids…

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4 responses to "Wanted: I’m Still Not Sure What My Thoughts Are…"

  • The Duck says:

    Dude … too easy. StarWars: Episode IV
    ( http://www.starwars.com/movies/episode-iv/ )

    Except as far as I remember in the end Darth Vader, or Anakin, (witchever you preffer) ends up doing good and restoring balance to The Force.

  • app says:

    This is what happens when writers abandon the old fashioned way of doing things, which involved coming up with an original idea first, developing characters completely from scratch, coming up with their own plot line, etc., then writing…and instead they start using things like Dramatica Pro and the cookie cutter story templates that provide a framework where they click a button to get a random basic story, character personalities & plot, and just fill in the details from their own imagination.

    You get a rewrite of Star Wars.

    Expect more of it…plenty more of it, as the digital age has made writers abandon the old fashioned typewriter in favor of specialized story writing software that makes them work less and produce more stories, faster, that all come from the same basic package of templates.

    Book writers, screenplay writers, etc…they are all using it now.

    That’s why the quality has gone down the drain and it has all become so predictable. Us readers and movie-goers have memorized all the software’s templates.

    Next time you see something totally unique, you can almost bet your house that the writer used Word, or Notepad, or something like that, that didn’t do all the work for him. But writers like that are becoming quite rare.

    apps last blog post..Freedom Sandwich

  • Peaseapea says:

    This isn’t your average case of writers being lazy and adopting the typical Hollywood/Star Wars/Action movie template. The writers actually created MORE work for themselves by completely ignoring the fact that the entire story had already been written for them in a comic called (of all things) Wanted – where Angelina Jolie’s black, Morgan Freeman’s white and the main character is Eminem’s doppleganger .
    Would you believe that the comic book is actually about super villains and the death of superheroes? Oh, and there’s absolutely no Darth Vader confrontations that go on. None. Not the best thing I ever read, but it took some serious hard work to make that bad translation from story to screen.

    So lets not refer to writers as lazy, I prefer terms like “stupid” or “inbred”.

  • Adrian says:

    Can I be bold and just say that I think it’s ridiculous that you all are commenting about this movie and it’s supposed “stupid-storyline”? I’m not trying to offend, so can we just read my comment with an open mind?

    Movies are for entertainment purposes only. Once in while you’ll watch one and really be able to depict good morals to come away with, and others may be a little more difficult to find. It doesn’t sound like any of you actually “walked-out” on the movie, so it couldn’t have been that bad if you were interested enough in seeing the ending. And if you did, then you have no right to comment in the first place.

    Ya’ll keep mentioning a recurring theme… comparing Wanted to star wars and other flicks. Haven’t you noticed that every movie is similar in some way? I mean, aren’t most movies based with a plot where a main character overcomes a certain trial, possibly meets up with opposition and later solves the problem/ overcomes the trial? It’s called the basis of writing.

    Wanted was a good movie. It WAS entertaining and it served it’s purpose. Was Wanted predictable? Maybe. Not for me, but if it was for you then I’m sorry to break it to you but most films are very similar. If you don’t like it then stop watching movies.

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